Birmingham Web Design Services: Transforming Your Mobile Internet Experience

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Thursday, May 2, 2013

There is no denying it.  Majority of everybody on the face of the planet has access to smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices capable of browsing the web. Today, more than ever, people have become so attached to these gadgets that they wouldn’t dare to leave them at home, even when they’re on a vacation.

These high tech mobile devices are more than a necessity. Aside from being connected to the online world, mobile devices are also used to check prices and do shopping. That is why many Birmingham website owners today look for great webmasters that can help them with web design or redesigning.  
Thinking of redesigning or transforming your website into a mobile-friendly one? That would be a good ground in terms of expanding your company’s accessibility. However, before hiring the web design experts in your locality, it is better to fully understand the following:
  • The Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website
  • DIY Tips: How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
  • Why do You Need a Birmingham Web Designing Expert?

The Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website

In an independent survey conducted by Google in September 2012, the results showed that of the 1,088 Smartphone users surveyed, about 67 percent declared that they’d most likely buy a service or product from a mobile friendly business website. Moreover, the survey showed that about 61 percent said they leave a site that is not designed for mobile. Though the correspondents may not reach millions, the statistics still show a clearer overview of how important having a mobile website is.

Take advantage of this opportunity and see whether you’re equipped to become “mobile-friendly”. If you have a business in Birmingham and you want to be found locally or even globally, a great web design is not only enough. You must have to create a mobile version of your company website.
Today, nearly half of Facebook and Twitter users access these networks from their mobile phones every day. And the numbers increase gradually over time. According to a 2010 published study by Morgan Stanley, he predicted that by 2015, mobile web access will overtake desktop/laptop browsing. If you want to keep up with or outdo your competitors, you must tailor your website to work smoothly and fluidly on a mobile device. Outdated websites will not work in the future. Why would you wait for 2015 when you can actually do that today?
Aside from the reason listed above, here are other benefits you can enjoy with a mobile friendly website.
  • Easily accessible - Your customers are on the internet almost every day and most of them would want to access the internet on their phones, especially when they’re not at home or in a WiFi hotspot.
  • Easy and Quick Navigation - People nowadays are always in a hurry. This includes getting information the quickest way possible and being able to act on it. Having said that, mobile phones have the right features that enable easy and quick navigation. With a slight tap from your fingers you’d be able to navigate in the internet with ease.
  • More Efficient Marketing – there’s a whole lot of possibilities when it comes to marketing your products or services in a mobile device. You can utilize various social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram for example. These are the top websites that are widely visited by smartphone users. 
  • Reduces Advertising Cost – tinkering with a mobile device’s web development isn’t as difficult and intricate as the actual web development but it still holds great significance to a business – most especially when it comes to advertising.
  • Better Engagement - business owners know that it pays to keep his or her customers. After all, it’s the customers that keep his business alive. Since, mobile phones are becoming a very necessary and convenient tool these days, he or she must take advantage to use this gadget to connect, engage, and build relationships with the customers.

DIY Tips: How to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Converting your website to become mobile-friendly doesn’t have to be complicated. There is a lot of programs and applications that can help make the process a lot easier. Here are some of the most important tips you should know:

1. Keep it simple but appealing.
Fanciful and colorful images will surely attract customers but remember to choose images that are not huge enough to fill the entire mobile screen nor those that will take longer time to buffer and load. Keep in mind that most of the mobile users are those people on the go. They don’t have to wait forever for the images  or your site to fully load.

2. Keep it easily accessible and interactive.
Think of your users always. Pay attention to how they can access and interact on your site. See to it that the text is clearly displayed and buttons to click are big enough.  If you can, ask them for suggestions, recommendations, or feedback to be able to make your site more effective. 

3. Keep it free from pop-ups!

Pop-ups are annoying. Although, it can be very beneficial for capturing new customers or subscribers, these are a turn off. Furthermore, most mobile devices do not support pop-ups. Never irritate your mobile visitors by having too many unwanted pop-ups cluttering on the screen.  Avoid one if possible.
However, if you don’t have the eye for web designing and development, it’s time to ask the experts help.

Why do You Need a Web Designing Expert?

Sure you can design or redesign your site without employing a skilled designer. However, a professional is a professional. Your website has the potential to make sales and provide significant investment returns. With a web design expert, you can guarantee you’ll achieve great results.

If you’re from Birmingham, there are plenty of available web design service providers in the city that can help you out. Hire the one you think can help you redesign and enhance your website and make it compatible with mobile phones. 
To increase your web presence and help your customers have the best user experience, make sure your website is available to mobile users. Don’t miss this opportunity to increase more sales, leads, and returns! Remember: A well designed homepage can make a huge difference. Check out Birmingham web design companies that can help you with your needs in reaching out to the increasing mobile users all around the world. 

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