How Facebook has become a Huge Asset for Businesses in Birmingham

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Friday, March 22, 2013

For over 3 years now, Social Media has proven itself not only a communication facilitator but also a real business tool. It’s potential to expand niche markets and bring bigger customer bases completely taken over the way in which people do business. Additionally, the moment to gain more knowledge and adapt to changes has come to most entrepreneurs running their businesses online.

Today, Social Media entails a wide range of services that also take place throughout the cyber world. There’s a plethora of social media platforms coming on the scene every single day. If you focus on these platforms and pay attention to the activities that are taking place within them, you’ll surely be taking a path to success.

In this article, we will discuss about one famous social media platform that fueled the success of many online businesses – no other than Facebook.

-          Why Facebook
-          Personal Profile vs. Business Fan Page
-          Important Features of a Facebook Business Page

Why Facebook

Yes, there are other social networking sites but why Facebook? Talking about the advantages of using this king social media site, here are 3 F’s:

·         Free. Signing up to Facebook does not require you any registration fee. All you need to have is a valid email address. You will also be asked to provide some personal information for your page.

·         Famous. Surveys have showed that Facebook is currently the biggest social networking site. If it were a country, it could be the third largest in the world. With over 500 million subscribers, Facebook’s population is a competent market and sure you would not want to miss it out.

·         Flexible. With Facebook’s subjective advertising, you can tap your ads to be seen by age, gender, interest and even location. Thus, your product or service appears to particular demographic groups. How does it work? Facebook Ads pop up directly to the profile page of your prospects, giving you more possible sales.

Personal Profile vs. Business Fan Page

There is a big difference between a personal profile and a business page on Facebook. Building a Facebook business page is an indispensable marketing plan. You’ll be able to endorse your products and services easier than you think. You can also launch a targeted ad campaign right on your business page. However, there are some limitations in doing business with Facebook. 

With a business account, you cannot add friends – that’s the only serious setback so far. That is why a bona fide website to call your own can be a supplemental help.  Unlike in a personal profile page, you have to make sure that you provide contact information on your business page or else, your customers won’t have a way of getting in touch with you directly.

Important Features of a Facebook Business Page

Since Facebook went entrepreneurial, it has also been working hard to provide features that will answer the needs of business owners. These are features that give businessmen an amazing opportunity to promote and sell their products. These features include:


Cover photo – You’ll be surprised to discover that a cover photo on Facebook is the most underused free ads. Cover photos are an effective branding tool because they are static. Some big brands who have used it are Lysol, Chevrolet and McDonald’s.

ABOUT Section – This isn’t new, as most social networking sites have this section. In Facebook, the about section is located permanently right under the profile picture. This space allows people to quickly get some information about you. It should be simple, concise and must include details like contact numbers, contact person and business address.

Posts on the Wall – Wall posts allow business administrators to announce updates, latest products and new services. These posts are viewable by followers or fans. As soon as you post something on your business page, your prospects are notified immediately.

Where to Go From Here

Facebook gives you an opportunity to connect with prospects. If you use the available features and applications, you can get in touch with users who have probably told a couple of friends and relatives about your business. Facebook makes it easy for everybody to spread the buzzword and automatically make it viral.

If you have a Business in Birmingham and you haven’t succeeded yet, don’t give up hope. Now is the time to leverage the power of Social Media. Facebook is just one among many networking sites and you can absolutely start with it. You may have a gained a lot of knowledge about other marketing strategies but bear in mind, your knowledge becomes more powerful if you put them into action. Get in touch with an online marketing expert now.

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The Role of Article Writing as an Effective Strategy to Market Your Birmingham Business Online

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Living in the post-modern/cyber era has effortlessly allowed us to be knowledgeable about the basic anatomy of a website: its title, social media icons, photos and videos, and words – that is, a lot words.

But words, as limitless and boundless as they seem, are more than just fillers of a blank page.

Effective Content is not just a vein of words nor a smorgasbord of copy-pasted information. While the whole website serves as the body and all the other elements play specific roles as its vital organs, article writing plays the irreplaceable role of being the SOUL your website cannot live without.

In this article you will learn three things that are essential for maximizing Article Writing as an Online Marketing strategy:

1.    Knowing why content is important to your website.
2.    What it takes to create an effective and complete content.
3.    Why you, as an online marketer, needs to outsource article writing in Birmingham.

The importance of (good) content

Web content plays a vital role in running your website successfully. However good your graphics are or however fast your site is, people will always be looking for it. Still we find a plethora of websites that have no real content (only videos and links and photos), nothing unique and new to the eyes and ears, or perhaps just plainly a lackluster. Especially for the main reason of managing a website for marketing purposes, you need to do A LOT BETTER than those web content scrap materials.

To help you in doing so, below are the significant roles of content in making your website successful:

1.    It is your reader’s main source of potent information. Who and where you are, what products and service you offer, what you stand for, and basically everything to know about your business – is what content tells your readers. The more information you provide the more chances you are able to sell by gaining a wide range of audience.

2.    It drives search engine’s attention to your site. Publishing regularly is the key to receiving a lot of attention from the so called search engine spiders such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Updating the content of your website with relevant and related news, blogs, etc. on a regular basis will lead you to a higher standing on the very competitive page rankings.

3.    It brings you inbound links. Writing witty, funny, original content pays off in the end. People will eventually find these articles and then share to others through various social media sites, therefore driving more traffic to your website.

4.    It supports any visual/graphic information. Pictures speak a thousand words, but not every single cell in the human population can have exactly the same interpretation. The competence of your products and services can be best described through words. Besides, it is always the text that would attract search engines, and not the pictures themselves.

What it takes to create an effective and complete content

In the realm of web content, choosing between quantity and quality will not work. You have to somehow find a way to intercept these two concepts plus another – that is, keyword precision.  Effective articles are those types of articles that make readers visit a certain page more often, thus increasing its page ranking. You have to learn how to place the keywords properly and how to choose the right keywords, without compromising its overall quality, in order to produce a highly effective article.

Articles need not to be only effective but also complete. In this sense, we define complete with these three components:

-    Veritable information
-    Simple or reader-friendly style of writing
-    Proper grammar and spelling

So why use an article writing service?

Creating articles about your product, service or business can help drive traffic back to your website, promote your affiliate product or build valuable links back to your website from authority websites to help increase your search engine positioning.

However, the problem is that writing articles can be a time consuming process, especially if you have ever experienced writer’s’ block where you spend an hour trying to write an article without actually getting anywhere. And even once you have written the article, you then need to get it out there and submit it to various articles directories.

As an internet marketer, you should be able to consider automating the process and outsourcing article writing in Birmingham. Here are three major reasons why:  
  •     Time effectiveness – while there may be thousands of ideas in your head that would look nice as part of an article, you do not get more than 24 hours a day. You need the help of other people. Besides, rather than writing an article, your time would be better spent researching a market, improving your conversion rate, or developing your next product/service.
  •     Cost effectiveness – when compared to individual ghost writers, online marketing firms in Birmingham offer cheaper writing services. With a large team of English speaking writers both in the UK and in the US numbering to over 50, and each having an average of 5 years experience, writing firms offer SEO articles and web content pages at the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality. With this large number of staff working for you, you can also be assured of timely submission.
  •  Article writing firms in Birmingham guarantees to give you articles that are:
-    Unique
-    100% Copyscaped – meaning all information gathered from other sources are paraphrased and/or properly cited.
-    Keyword specific – a significant way to increase your ranking in top search engines.
-    Delivered back to you 1-3 days depending on the quantity ordered.
-    Armed with keywords that are in most relevance/density with each article.

Smart Internet Business Solutions know the value of your every need for article writing in Birmingham. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of your articles from all of their experienced writers. What’s best, if you are not totally happy, they are more than willing to rewrite them until you are.

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The Aspects of a Beautiful Web Design: Never To Be Missed By Birmingham Online Businesses

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The web is forever living. It grows. Therefore, it is frenzied, muddled and contains anything you can just think of. Unexpectedly, it evolves because of its aspects. Web Designers in Birmingham cope up with these changes. Why? Because it’s not only the web that grows, but also the expectations of people who access the web.

These Birmingham web designers can not just let online businesses to be stripped off along the way. Thus, they pay careful attention to the important aspects of a beautifully designed website. Understanding that the web becomes an integral part of people’s lives, they acclimatize to the rapid shifts on the Internet.

These aspects will be discussed below and we’ll see how each aspect affects the wholeness of the web:


  1.   Color. The topic of color selection could be the most unsolved aspect in web design. In this aspect, web designer has to make sure that the colors chosen make up a harmonious combination. The colors should also effectively communicate the overall message of the website to its users.
  2. Layout and composition. This aspect is the “getting started” part of web design. According to Jet Peppers Blog, the layout of a website should be created relevant to its topic otherwise users will have no reason to stay on the page. Generally, clients would inform the web designers how they want the webpage to appear.
  3.  Texture. This is an aspect of web design that is usually disregarded. To our surprise, a website’s texture is what makes it stand out. Sheer importance and understanding as to how points, lines and shapes are used in a webpage. Texture also shapes the identity and character of a website.
  4. Typography. This is another important aspect of web design. It is the visual display of texts on the web. If it’s hard to read, people will have difficulty in focusing or understanding what your website tries to imply. The result, they’ll be quick to leave your page and go somewhere else. Font selection, font size and font color are vital points to consider.
  5.  Imagery. The use of images on your website is an effective way of catching your audiences’ attention. If you browse over the Internet, you will notice that more and more websites are using large pictures. Images could be the logo of your company, the products you sell or anything that would represent the services you offer.
  6.  Content. As heard a million times, content is king. The information you place on your website should answer your customers’ needs. Furthermore, all information must be relevant and true. People love to read. In fact, they search for contents before making any online decision –whether it be buying a product or subscribing to a service.
  7.  Social and mobile media. Mobiles are now powerful enough to access the web. Take note, marketing is not limited to computers alone. Every mobile user is a potential buyer. Today, mobile-friendly websites are increasing so as a marketer’s opportunity to sell.

Defining A Great Web Design

There are two factors that people consider before deciding if a website is good or bad.
-          The usability angle which focuses on functionality and the effective presentation of information.
-          The aesthetic factor which is all about the creative value and visual appeal of the page.

In order for a website to stand out, both factors should be maximized.

A great web design allows you to connect with customers. It conveys your message, products or services accurately. In return, a good customer experience is birthed. Remember your page gives you identity on the World Wide Web. To maintain a great online presence, let web designers in Birmingham help you.

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A Great Online Advertising Agency Can Be the Answer to A Successful Birmingham Online Marketing Business

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Monday, March 11, 2013

Advertisement is everywhere. You can see them in magazines, newspapers, TV, and on the internet. Why are advertisers willing to pay Web sites for running ads? Simply because the ads work and bring in potential customers.

Advertising is an integral part of any marketing plan. And this is in fact one of the most common, tried and tested tools used by businessmen to market their products and services. Without advertising how would the buyers know about your products and services? How will they know what to purchase, where, and how could they have it?

Online Advertising in Birmingham

Nowadays almost everything revolves around the internet. It is of the utmost importance then to make use of it to reach the ever expanding population of internet users not just in Birmingham but all around the world.

Now, why should you care about all of this? What’s in it for you?

If you’re a business owner or you’re running your own website, you should care. Without a shade of doubt, if you want to get traffic to your site you must use online advertising, otherwise nobody knows your site even exists. Just because you have a fully developed website doesn’t mean it’s totally effective.

The Advantages of Online over Traditional Advertising Media (radio, TV, or print)

Compared to TV and print, online advertising brings tangible results at lower expenses. Because of its many advantages, it has gained more and more popularity among marketers and business owners.
·         Interactivity - Traditional advertising media do not offer the kind of interactivity that online advertising has. Buyers can comment, ask direct questions, or respond to an ad online.

·         Cost Effectiveness - Contextual ads, ad panels, and display banners are much cheaper. It can be bought at just a fraction of the cost of TV or print ads.

·         Targeted marketing The internet allows businesses through the help of advertising agencies to  reach a specific reader and target exactly their audience according to their areas of interest or location, making it easier for businesses to spread their marketing message and  find a receptive market for their products and services.

In case you will wonder how online advertising agencies in Birmingham works, this is how they do it: To find potential prospects, these agencies help in narrowing down the focus of the ad to those who needs your product. How? They have strategies like email, keyword, or banner advertising to bring appropriate customers at your portals. 

·         Unmatched Tracking Capabilities - Advertisers can track the response rates of their campaigns, who saw their ads, when, how many times, and so on.
These unique capabilities on online advertising must be taken advantage by all online marketers in Birmingham for a sure success in the industry.

What Are Some Ways to Advertise Online?

The growing competition in the world of online marketing gives rise to the need of cutting edge advertising ideas. Here are some of the most common ways of advertising online:

1. Promotional Advertising – This is used to attract the consumer’s interest to buy the product. This includes giving away flyers, freebies, discount coupons, and so on.

2. Web Advertising – These are used on websites to attract the buyer and clicks on it which takes them to the main website of that product.

3. Blog Advertising – Nowadays, blogs are becoming another popular tool to advertise their products and make money off of it.

4. Mobile Advertising – This provides opportunities for the fast growing mobile internet users to search products and watch videos anywhere and everywhere.

5. Pixel Advertising - This one of the newest and most popular advertising strategy. It’s a great way to attract and get visitors click the images on the ads.  

The Evolution of Web Banner Advertising  
The word “constant” has never been included in the online business vocabulary. Online advertising is constantly evolving as advertisers, publishers, and marketers continue to find new and innovative ways to make it beneficial not just for the users and consumers but for all the parties involved.

Before, there were only banner ads. But advertisers and publishers came to a point of realization that they were not as effective as full-page magazine ads or 30-second TV commercials.  Now, there are plenty of display ads marketers can use. These display ads are cheap, easy to create, and attention grabbing and are the best way to start advertising.

1. Sidebar or Skycraper Ads – It’s similar to banner ad but it’s vertically oriented. This is more effective than banner ads because they are much longer and larger.

2. Pop Up – This is the ad that ‘pops up’ in a new window when you visit a page. The new window displays the entire advertisement.  The user can click on the ad itself or click the close button to hide it.

3. Pop Under – It is similar to Pop Up Ads but they are placed below the content of the page. Both pop up and Pop under ads annoy many users because they obscures the view of the page that you are trying to read. They still have to close them to be able to continue reading.

4. Floating Ads – It is a kind of advertisement that hovers across the screen or "float" over the page, complete obscuring the content you are trying to read. Because they can take up the entire screen, they are impossible to ignore so you are forced to watch them. They may take 5-30 seconds long.

5. Unicast Ads - It is basically an animated TV commercial that runs in a pop-up window which can last anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds.

Have you chosen which kind of display ad works best for your site? Before working on it, you must also consider getting an online advertising agency.

Why do we need a Birmingham Online Advertising Agency?

Nowadays, Birmingham Online Marketers are now fully aware of how associating with an online advertisement agency can benefit them. In general, it provides cost effective marketing and advertising services for businesses and other organizations. Their services include creating traffic to your website, increase sales, providing tailor-made marketing solutions, account monitoring, forming business strategy, including coordinating display add designs.
With all these great benefits, needless to say, they can be all you need for a successful online marketing business. 
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How to Find An Ideal SEO Consultant in Birmingham for Your Business

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Wednesday, March 6, 2013

This article tackles the following matters:

  1. How  an SEO expert  in Birmingham can boost your sales? 
  2. What must a good consultant possess?
  3. Can Your SEO firm guarantee top 10 rankings on search engines?
  4. The “Epic Fails” of SEO
Every businessman dreams to enter the global market and hopes to be on the top. For this reason, internet marketing took place and the entire business world started to change. Gone are the days of traditional marketing. At present, marketing your products and services online is proven the most effective to gain exposure, boost sales, and be known locally and globally.

Now the question is “How can business companies improve their presence on the internet?”
Once you venture into the world of online marketing, you should know how it is done. Plunging yourself into unknown waters can be dangerous and is not advisable. Therefore it is important that that you should know the basics of online marketing such as  having a good website, good domain, good content, and so on. However, that doesn’t end there. Your online business won’t grow  without the help of  SEO experts or consultants.

How  an SEO expert  in Birmingham can boost your sales? 

Increase Site Ranking

Basically, the job of an SEO is to drive as much traffic into your website to improve your ranking on search engines like Google or Yahoo. Of course you will want to come up on the first page.
For example, if your products are cheap printed tees and when someone types in “cheap printed tees” on the search bar, and you find out that your site in not on the first page of the results, I think it’s the right time to ask an SEO consultant’s help.

But how will you know if you get the right SEO consultant for you? What does he or she must possess?

Before an SEO consultant can help look for winning strategies to help improve your business, he or she must:
  • Be skillful and knowledgeable about the different aspects or fields of SEO
  • Understand and be knowledgeable enough of the the type of business you have and the goals you want to achieve
  • Communicate well and can give the client the best advise on how to grow his or her business. 

Can Your SEO firm guarantee top 10 rankings on search engines?

There are numerous SEO companies in Birmingham touting their services with fancy graphics, attractive images, and plenty of client’s testimonials. However, the issue here is not about which SEO provider look or sound more convincing. It’s about who can deliver.

Here are some tips to consider when looking for the company that can guarantee high rankings:
  • Know What You Pay For - Do your homework. Research and get as many references as you can about the company you’re eyeing for. Ask previous clients about the company’s performance. You can feel it in your gut if there is something wrong or if an SEO company is lying to you.
  • Google Ranking Results -  Google is unmistakably clear the top rated search engine with over 60% of the total worldwide search market. The site should be in the top 10 rank for a minimum of 15 days of each calendar month. 
  • Transparency – If they promise to get you on the first page of Google, does it matter how they do it? You must be actively involved in your own SEO Strategy. Of course since it’s for your own business. It is very important to know and understand what strategies the SEO company used on your website in order to get you in the top 10. If they are not stated in the contract, ask questions.
  • Know Your Options – Don’t just blindly accept SEO contract terms without knowing your options. You could never assume that their promised results would be successfully achieved in a given period of time. What if they fail? Don’t forget to check out other ways that the SEO experts offer to successfully achieve your goals.

The Epic Fails of SEO

Strategy and tactics is vital for SEO action plans. These strategies must push the website’s rankings and earn lifetime traffic and not just for a limited period of time.

However, we must understand that SEO experts are humans. You can’t expect them to be perfect at all times. Sometimes, they miss the mark. One blogger says ‘there are no wrong SEO experts. But there are SEO experts with the wrong strategies’.

  • Failure to Plan
An old saying goes, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail’.  We understand that SEO strategies changed as time goes by. In fact, SEO experts continue to monitor current trends and discover new methods that works. This is why it is very important to carefully plan which strategy or approach can be applied to a specific client. Most of the time, they follow the lead and chase competitors.

I’m not saying that it’s a totally bad idea. However, benchmarking yourself against the competition can ruin your own business. You might get caught up with it that you’ll overlook other things that  you can actually implement. Remember: What worked for your competitor might not work for you.
  • Failure to Established Goals
Keep failure out by setting your goals. Goal setting provides clear direction. Do you know why most SEO strategies fail? Simply because there are no clearly defined goals. Timelines, strategies, and methods used must be agreed upon by the website owner and the SEO expert.

Merely wishing that your website would be able to generate sales and be successful won’t help. You must establish your goals, put it into writing, and do something to achieve it.
  • Failure to Understand
Most clients trust that SEO action plans guarantees and promises high ranking. Yes, this is very possible but is not always easy. It involves a thorough understanding of the project – the product, brand, target market, and the goals of the client. Moreover, it takes time.
In addition, if you expect to maintain the same SEO strategy, you’ll be in for an unpleasant surprise when you discover a dramatic decrease in page ranking. When both parties – the client and SEO providers expect to get better results, they must understand the process involved.
  • Failure to Focus
What to be kept in mind is that the customers must be considered when planning for the strategy. They are the target here therefore if they are overlooked and they are not getting any value, you’re definitely bound to fail.

SEO services indeed are a great factor influencing high ranking websites in Birmingham. If SEO experts  neglect the above important points, then, they’re definitely doomed to failure.

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