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Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Monday, March 4, 2013

Birmingham is one of the most populous cities in England, and that fact alone makes it an ideal target market for different businesses. The status quo relies on online presence more than ever, whether you are a company based in this city or is wanting to get your business have the online advantage, there are solutions based online marketing strategies for Birmingham industries available for you.

As a primer, internet marketing is not a linear approach but rather a mirror of the way the whole world wide web functions: full of irregularly shaped potentials. In other words, there is not one single technique that can bring home the bacon but here are some of the most effective ones, to date.

- High Quality Content
- Social Media
- Viral Videos

Rich content, Outsourced

Fact: As an after-effect of Google’s Panda and Penguin update, you now know that content is king.
But: Knowing it is not enough, you have to produce high quality content that users will want to share.
Aside from that, you also have to take into consideration many other factors such as your company’s objectives, the immediate market, competition and local plus global trends. When you do business, you tend to focus more on the financial and marketing aspects that you tend to overlook other equally important parts of the process; that’s quite normal.

What’s not normal is complete negligence of the fact that other portions of your business also need ample attention so identical growth can transpire across levels. Writing high quality articles that will engage readers to make business with your company is a highly challenging task, yes you can do it but there will just be not enough time to devote for this endeavour; try outsourcing.

Most outsourcing companies offering article writing and content marketing services already know the ins and outs in the relevant trends that your business is facing, online. They are experts that cater to almost every business niche you can think of. The usual benefits include:
  • Faster turnaround of 1 to 3 days
  • Customized articles according to specific company goals and needs
  • Expert touch on various niches, with heavy background research
  • Content is driven to be shared by users online, and optimised for SERP rankings
  • Articles are keyword specific
  • You can devote more time in developing new products and effective marketing strategies instead of writing online content
  • But before you ask an outsourcing company to do the content marketing for you, here are some tips to follow:   Make sure they follow strict adherence to set deadlines
  • They provide excellent customer service and readily accessible communication lines
  •  And of course reasonable price ranges, to make this marketing measure, cost-effective

Not just Social Media - Location-Based Strategy

Fact: your company has an extended virtual office at some of the largest social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

But: it has not gained the massive following you have been expecting from your target demographic.
Perhaps something went wrong along the way; it’s your social media team’s responsibility to identify that. Although there is wisdom in this line of thought, when you say social media, there will always be varying trends that will appear, reappear and forever be buried so the need to be relevant is important. If you intend to try this kind of advertising, it is advisable then to be up and interacting with social media peeps to keep your attention glued in what people are actually talking about.

Social media is all about managing how to capitalize on the latest news and technology that will make sharing your company’s brand and services more rewarding. The latest trend now is to target your audience in the location nearest them. Make it known that you do business in the locality. Take for example, online marketing in Birmingham or Birmingham online marketing solutions.

This strategy also works well for the numerous mobile internet users who mostly use the web to find relevant places that bring comfort to them such as restaurants, malls, shopping chains and gaming hubs. But this isn’t all there is to this strategy, you must also present the local target with a lot of these irresistible offers:
  •     Digital free gifts
  •     Discounts
  •     Coupons
  •     Special offers
  •     Bonus items

Clients who partake with your business, all go crazy for freebies so make it a point to dish them with unlimited goodies. Freebies also let them experience what you actually offer for zero cost, a sure-fire way of attracting loyal patrons over time.

Go Viral and Wise

Fact: video marketing is the newest way to advertise your company, online so you tried it right away.
But: it did not go viral as expected.

Streamed media has been in use for long but not as hyped in marketing, nowadays. More and more start-ups choose to make videos as statistics show that having one may make a difference in their breakthrough success. There is magic to even just seconds of video content as compared to long lines of words that most users will find boring to even glimpse at.

That is how videos became an effective alternative in attracting customers; they can easily communicate with just one conversing human when armed with the right message. What most company miss are some mistakes that they do when making one and perhaps the reason why it did not go viral as expected:
  •     It is too long
  •   It is not fascinating
  •    It is outdated
  •   It is boring

Well, the antidotes are clear, steer away from these pitfalls and...
  •   Make it short but with all the right content contained in it. Remember old parlance: simple is elegant? Then this will surely apply in your quest to viral video making. Most third party sites that offer video making and sharing such as Vine and Tout has a 6 to 15 second only policy. It doesn’t entirely matter if your video is as long as four to thirty minutes, as long as you take advantage of the message, emotions and the point you want to reach.
  • Make it funny. Viewers rave on videos that they can’t just watch alone but also share with their friends, mostly videos that make them laugh. 
  •  Make it different and updated. Have you seen Gangnam Style and Harlem Shake? These are the trends, make use of them and if you want your ad to stick to audience’s mind, one word of advice: make it weird and different so they’d watch it unfold until the end.

So there you go, online marketing through some of the best strategies that real users like you know of and rave about regardless of location. And that’s the key: make the marketing effort as human as possible, something everyone can relate to and make use of.

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