The Role of Article Writing as an Effective Strategy to Market Your Birmingham Business Online

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Living in the post-modern/cyber era has effortlessly allowed us to be knowledgeable about the basic anatomy of a website: its title, social media icons, photos and videos, and words – that is, a lot words.

But words, as limitless and boundless as they seem, are more than just fillers of a blank page.

Effective Content is not just a vein of words nor a smorgasbord of copy-pasted information. While the whole website serves as the body and all the other elements play specific roles as its vital organs, article writing plays the irreplaceable role of being the SOUL your website cannot live without.

In this article you will learn three things that are essential for maximizing Article Writing as an Online Marketing strategy:

1.    Knowing why content is important to your website.
2.    What it takes to create an effective and complete content.
3.    Why you, as an online marketer, needs to outsource article writing in Birmingham.

The importance of (good) content

Web content plays a vital role in running your website successfully. However good your graphics are or however fast your site is, people will always be looking for it. Still we find a plethora of websites that have no real content (only videos and links and photos), nothing unique and new to the eyes and ears, or perhaps just plainly a lackluster. Especially for the main reason of managing a website for marketing purposes, you need to do A LOT BETTER than those web content scrap materials.

To help you in doing so, below are the significant roles of content in making your website successful:

1.    It is your reader’s main source of potent information. Who and where you are, what products and service you offer, what you stand for, and basically everything to know about your business – is what content tells your readers. The more information you provide the more chances you are able to sell by gaining a wide range of audience.

2.    It drives search engine’s attention to your site. Publishing regularly is the key to receiving a lot of attention from the so called search engine spiders such as Google, Yahoo, etc. Updating the content of your website with relevant and related news, blogs, etc. on a regular basis will lead you to a higher standing on the very competitive page rankings.

3.    It brings you inbound links. Writing witty, funny, original content pays off in the end. People will eventually find these articles and then share to others through various social media sites, therefore driving more traffic to your website.

4.    It supports any visual/graphic information. Pictures speak a thousand words, but not every single cell in the human population can have exactly the same interpretation. The competence of your products and services can be best described through words. Besides, it is always the text that would attract search engines, and not the pictures themselves.

What it takes to create an effective and complete content

In the realm of web content, choosing between quantity and quality will not work. You have to somehow find a way to intercept these two concepts plus another – that is, keyword precision.  Effective articles are those types of articles that make readers visit a certain page more often, thus increasing its page ranking. You have to learn how to place the keywords properly and how to choose the right keywords, without compromising its overall quality, in order to produce a highly effective article.

Articles need not to be only effective but also complete. In this sense, we define complete with these three components:

-    Veritable information
-    Simple or reader-friendly style of writing
-    Proper grammar and spelling

So why use an article writing service?

Creating articles about your product, service or business can help drive traffic back to your website, promote your affiliate product or build valuable links back to your website from authority websites to help increase your search engine positioning.

However, the problem is that writing articles can be a time consuming process, especially if you have ever experienced writer’s’ block where you spend an hour trying to write an article without actually getting anywhere. And even once you have written the article, you then need to get it out there and submit it to various articles directories.

As an internet marketer, you should be able to consider automating the process and outsourcing article writing in Birmingham. Here are three major reasons why:  
  •     Time effectiveness – while there may be thousands of ideas in your head that would look nice as part of an article, you do not get more than 24 hours a day. You need the help of other people. Besides, rather than writing an article, your time would be better spent researching a market, improving your conversion rate, or developing your next product/service.
  •     Cost effectiveness – when compared to individual ghost writers, online marketing firms in Birmingham offer cheaper writing services. With a large team of English speaking writers both in the UK and in the US numbering to over 50, and each having an average of 5 years experience, writing firms offer SEO articles and web content pages at the most affordable prices without sacrificing quality. With this large number of staff working for you, you can also be assured of timely submission.
  •  Article writing firms in Birmingham guarantees to give you articles that are:
-    Unique
-    100% Copyscaped – meaning all information gathered from other sources are paraphrased and/or properly cited.
-    Keyword specific – a significant way to increase your ranking in top search engines.
-    Delivered back to you 1-3 days depending on the quantity ordered.
-    Armed with keywords that are in most relevance/density with each article.

Smart Internet Business Solutions know the value of your every need for article writing in Birmingham. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of your articles from all of their experienced writers. What’s best, if you are not totally happy, they are more than willing to rewrite them until you are.

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