Why Graphic Design? Why Not?

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Graphics means everything in today’s marketing.  The use of graphics may seem overrated but take it away and marketing is going to be completely and utterly ho-hum.  As humans that are thirsty for what the digital era implies, we all know how technology works and we're all dying to see how it's going to surprise us in the near future.

The spur of these innovations is a stepping stone in the history of mankind and somehow, it can be deemed as something that is progressing and positive. Unfortunately, technology's ability to renew from time to time may have turned us humans into spoiled brats who are frequently demanding for something that’s mind-blowingly newer and better.  The newest version may have only been in the market for quite a time and we're already looking forward to what's going to happen next. Over time, the marketing industry was pushed by these expectations whereas it has impacted the advertising and business scene immensely. To adjust well with the demands, graphic designs for marketing techniques must be able to cope with the changing times or lead the way.

Present a marketing pitch that's able to get attention, amaze and stick to people's minds for an effective marketing strategy.  Now how does graphic design fill in the list of specific criteria?

On Getting Attention

Creating graphics is something that can't be learned and done exceptionally overnight. It takes an artistic eye and exceptional skills.  The pros of graphic designing are known for their intricate level of artistry and what sets the best ones apart from the others is their ability to wow their target market.
Observation is always the first thing to do when analyzing a market. How do people tick? How do they react to their environment? What keeps them inquisitive? These are just a few of the questions that crucially needs answering. Having these as basis to your methods and meeting the specifications with professional design and artistry, ad campaigns will surely come out effective present with that "wow factor".  Just look around and see all the graphics around you. Analyze how they’re created to catch the public’s eye.

On Being Amazing

Always be sure that you are ahead of your game and never settle for something that is mediocre. That is how to be amazing.  This kind of industry is made up of shrewd professionals who aren't afraid of bringing something fresh on the table.  The viewers are tired of the usual and whenever there's something new, they eventually get bored with it.  Companies today find ways on how to blend different stuff together and create a whole new media which people can relate to.  Take the Darth Vader on Volkswagen commercial for example. That surely caused an advantageous stir.

On Sticking to People’s Minds

A good tagline usually makes the ad easier to remember but it helps to have great graphics as well.  The dawn of the digital nation has opened greater possibilities for innovations and along with it comes the new age of marketing.  Now, it's easier to play with colours, animation, lighting and more.  An example would be compelling advocacy campaigns such as anti-smoking and anti-drugs propaganda.  If you're aiming for sticking on people's minds, you should be able to create an experience more than just conveying your message.

Graphic designing is an extensive job that implies professional skills.  For services that are up to par and are effective for business' ad campaigns, contact the pool of graphic designers from Graphic Design Birmingham.
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Social Media Marketing: Fastest and Easiest Way to Fortune

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You’re probably somebody who had plenty of instructional books about selling. You might have finally given up loading your brain with all the strategies because you really never knew what to do to generate success. Maybe you've done everything but never made returns yet. No matter who you are and how exhausting your experience was, be confident that NOW is the time to get your business on path to FORTUNE.

You can actually go where your market is and save big money by focusing on your marketing plans online. Increased buzz comes from social networks. Aside from presenting themselves as services for connecting people, these sites market themselves as a tool to connect consumers and merchants too. Surveys have recorded the following information:

•    2.27 billion Internet users worldwide, almost twice what it was in the last 5 years
•    800 million active Facebook users worldwide
•    Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
•    Over 500 million registered Twitter users as of 2012

Population over online communities keeps growing. Yet as impressive as these numbers are, it's the new personalization of the Web that matters most in the social media trend, both consumers and merchants. Serving as a meeting place for business people and buyers, these sites have made themselves an efficient tool for marketing. Now you realize it’s time to get social with your marketing!

What Is Social Media Marketing?

SMM, which stands for Social Media Marketing refers to marketing done through online communities.
How does it help?

1.    It replaces traditional marketing. When we say traditional marketing, it speaks about the times when hard selling has become a trend in marketing. Calling prospects over the phone for a business transaction is another thing of the past. Now with social marketing, you can still reach targeted market. The best thing here is you don't have to do hard selling. You make your business findable by these communities.

2.    It facilitates a natural discovery of new trends. The Internet offers a lot of help for users with different needs. People like to share with and feel connected to each other, brands, organizations and even government they like and trust. See the advantage? No need to pay for expensive advertisings.

3.    It focuses on communication. Acting like the world's largest conference, social media invites anyone to listen to others talking and join the conversation with anyone else about the topic of their choice.  This way, the market gets to see what products or services are mostly purchased. Social media has the ability to drive word-of-the-mouth recommendations from so many users. Who knows, they are talking about your product now.

We are now in the era of online marketing.  Your path to success begins with two simple things: Internet connection and an innate sense of promoting products and services. Its potential to attract profit is massive. Nevertheless, certain people are earning millions every year leveraging the power of the Web.

In case you need assistance in doing your online business feel free to contact Social Media Services in Birmingham. Excellent and hardworking teams are willing to help and share their expertise with you.

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Optimize your Company Logo by Picking the Right Set of Colours

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A logo is one of the first few things that any interested party looks at, thus the need to make it as likeable as possible is an imperative for every company out there. It is hard to imagine how a thing so minimally designed still manages to be effective at capturing the attention of a company’s target market. With all these said what more can you say about a logo’s significance for a company?

It becomes relatively easy to advertise any company, whether new or old as long as it has a logo, thus it is widely used if not, almost ubiquitously present. When branding is being talked about, there must be a strong sense of strategy. No amount of well-established data must be replaced with mere hints and hearsays. A great aspect of logo design depends on colour. Skilled designers know of the consequences between picking the right or wrong tinge of colours so they take careful steps in doing this.

The Psychology of Colour

If you want to be an efficient graphic designer, lecturing yourself about colour essentials in the practice of your job might spell the difference in your end projects, especially logo construction. If you’re aiming for a new logo, you should be aware of these facts as colour will be the first to create an impression on your viewers.

Without actually noticing, colours shape our thoughts and emotions because our minds are programmed to react to them. Based on research, colours do more than just depicting the mood because it also has the subtle power of conviction- meaning, pursuing the customer to buy. People involved in the world of advertising will find it useful come time for actual promotional gimmicks.

For a quick colour guide, you can find regularly used ones below.

Red - one of the primary colours, red is widely used because of its ability to catch attention so easily. This is mainly because Red exudes an intense hue that usually illustrates strong emotions such as love and war. Dining places make use of red and paint them in conspicuous areas to make eaters vulnerable and seek for more while spending time at their tables. Red is best described as a fierce hue that may help ignite a spirit of adventure and passion.

Blue - opposite of red, blue represents a certain air of coolness to it. Aside from that, it also embodies a sense of strict adherence to professionalism. This is why most government departments and corporations have a hint of blue in their logos. It also is calming yet confident. A stronger tinge of this colour equals a stronger look, while other combining particulars may help add in its over-all impact. Lighter variants are mostly utilized for establishments aimed at bringing comfort for transient guests, namely resort hotels or beach houses.

Yellow - depending on who’s viewing it, different shades of yellow don’t bring out the same behavioral effects. Yellow becomes more and more visible the longer you look at it, and this probably is the reason why this hue is used after all. However, yellow is not for everybody as it can send conflicting messages. The spectrum of its reach can be greatly defined in its meaning at large like joy, warmth, illness, cowardice and curiosity.

Black - known for its sophistication and power, black’s darkness has a certain flair that seems to stick to the mind of the viewer. Many use this colour because it’s minimal yet effective all the same. Its boldness screams class, seriousness and luxury.

There are many ways to contact a professional Graphic Designer in Birmingham with a team dedicated to crafting uniquely creative and planned logos. Combining efficiency in handling every design, you can have clean, cost-effective and excellent results.
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What to Expect in Online Article Marketing 2013?

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Monday, January 7, 2013

The world changes so fast and so the trends of the society we’re living in. Technology changes and it evolves, marketing trends also change with it.

What can online marketers expect for the New Year? As most current technology constantly develops, how can we make sure our businesses stay on top? Thanks to the internet and to other various online marketing tools and devices that was made available in the past years that online marketing has never been this affordable.

The recent innovations of the technology and the more amazing features on the internet allowed SEO's to thoroughly seek out and developed strategies and techniques to make it on the game. What makes online marketing a success depends on the power and strength of the SEOs and the level of quality of the contents.
There are a lot of competitors on the net so if you want to stay up on the game, take note of these few points:

1. Great Quality Content

Today, there is a great need for good writers and by good means those who have wide knowledge in most things, if not everything. A great content is not only long and informative but it should also be able to deliver its message to its targeted audiences. Communicating and engaging your clients will make them trust you and your products.

Furthermore, the content should be good-looking and captivating. According to studies and researches, photos and videos get more avenues for your content to be found and read. Your content should also be easy to navigate since different users will be visiting your site.
If you want to have a high Google ranking, it is of utmost important that you have great quality content.

2. Branding and Personality

With almost everything available online, it's hard to imagine how you could stand up from the rest of your competitors in online marketing. But, when you have that particular, unique branding, you will make it through. It’s your branding that your customers will get attracted to so make sure it is appealing to them.

3. The Role of Social Media and Many Other Platforms

With the popularity of social media nowadays, it’s easier to reach a wider, larger audience. Promote your products and services on any social media sites and platforms so will have more potential customers. This is an opportunity not to be missed by online marketers.

These are very important matters that need special consideration to help your business grow. Good contents will lead you to more likes, shares, and more visits. If it hits your target, it probably will bring you millions.
For inquiries about SEO services and article marketing, SEO Article Marketing Birmingham will be willing to help you and your businesses get listed in directories, highly ranked on Google, thrive and grow.
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Be Knowledgeable About Online Marketing

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Thursday, January 3, 2013

Online marketing's extensive scope is made up of several branches of expertise.  Addressing the problem, the reason why many businesses do not succeed is that they are unaware of how online marketing really works.  As many see the internet as an easy outlet to earn fast money, many forget that in order to be triumphant, it must involve a lot of work.

If you're looking forward for a proficient online business endeavor, you need to know what online marketing consists. Though it has a wide scope, it’s easier to understand if it’s chopped down to its basic fundamentals. Online marketing needs this set of skills and specialized services.

Web Design and Development

You need to have a website if you're planning to do business online.  Look at it as another outgrowth of your actual business and that it's going to be your virtual space in this kind of field. This way, you must encompass your whole website's theme and design with your business image.  Developing a website needs a professional in order to configure its navigation and build its theme. Tagging along with the developer in the whole website creation is the graphic designer as their specialized services are much needed in the whole process as well.

The equation of easy navigation plus great designs equals cost-effective branding and customer interaction. All of the process, if done right, will eventually lead to sales.
Content Creation

Once the website is up, it's important to place in some content.  Content comes in particular forms like articles, blogs, company information, images and videos that are owned by you. Content builds the objective of a strong marketing campaign by bringing in all the needed information to the public.  Content is also an aspect of branding. What you bring out to the public, must be conveyed effectively. For constant content updates, content experts will help your online business with all the work as well as connecting with your targeted market more effectively.  They are skilled enough to strategize the placement and angle of content in a site in order to reach the goal of gaining traffic and selling.


When everything's properly set up and live, it's time to gather a good amount of traffic in order to keep the business running.  This is where SEO is needed.  Every aspect of an online business must be optimized in order for search engines to recognize you among the pool of competition.  Know that your website gets ten times more competition than your actual business. Amidst the upsurge of possibilities, there are tons of similar websites that you have to surpass through.  Only a few of these websites get a good among of traffic and ranking.

It's now clear how much a website need expert services in order for it to succeed.  Doing all of these without help would take up a lot of time and with lower probability of good results. For first-rate service and prompt results, find an Online Advertising Agency in Birmingham.   
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