Social Media Marketing: Fastest and Easiest Way to Fortune

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You’re probably somebody who had plenty of instructional books about selling. You might have finally given up loading your brain with all the strategies because you really never knew what to do to generate success. Maybe you've done everything but never made returns yet. No matter who you are and how exhausting your experience was, be confident that NOW is the time to get your business on path to FORTUNE.

You can actually go where your market is and save big money by focusing on your marketing plans online. Increased buzz comes from social networks. Aside from presenting themselves as services for connecting people, these sites market themselves as a tool to connect consumers and merchants too. Surveys have recorded the following information:

•    2.27 billion Internet users worldwide, almost twice what it was in the last 5 years
•    800 million active Facebook users worldwide
•    Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month
•    Over 500 million registered Twitter users as of 2012

Population over online communities keeps growing. Yet as impressive as these numbers are, it's the new personalization of the Web that matters most in the social media trend, both consumers and merchants. Serving as a meeting place for business people and buyers, these sites have made themselves an efficient tool for marketing. Now you realize it’s time to get social with your marketing!

What Is Social Media Marketing?

SMM, which stands for Social Media Marketing refers to marketing done through online communities.
How does it help?

1.    It replaces traditional marketing. When we say traditional marketing, it speaks about the times when hard selling has become a trend in marketing. Calling prospects over the phone for a business transaction is another thing of the past. Now with social marketing, you can still reach targeted market. The best thing here is you don't have to do hard selling. You make your business findable by these communities.

2.    It facilitates a natural discovery of new trends. The Internet offers a lot of help for users with different needs. People like to share with and feel connected to each other, brands, organizations and even government they like and trust. See the advantage? No need to pay for expensive advertisings.

3.    It focuses on communication. Acting like the world's largest conference, social media invites anyone to listen to others talking and join the conversation with anyone else about the topic of their choice.  This way, the market gets to see what products or services are mostly purchased. Social media has the ability to drive word-of-the-mouth recommendations from so many users. Who knows, they are talking about your product now.

We are now in the era of online marketing.  Your path to success begins with two simple things: Internet connection and an innate sense of promoting products and services. Its potential to attract profit is massive. Nevertheless, certain people are earning millions every year leveraging the power of the Web.

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