How Facebook has become a Huge Asset for Businesses in Birmingham

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Friday, March 22, 2013

For over 3 years now, Social Media has proven itself not only a communication facilitator but also a real business tool. It’s potential to expand niche markets and bring bigger customer bases completely taken over the way in which people do business. Additionally, the moment to gain more knowledge and adapt to changes has come to most entrepreneurs running their businesses online.

Today, Social Media entails a wide range of services that also take place throughout the cyber world. There’s a plethora of social media platforms coming on the scene every single day. If you focus on these platforms and pay attention to the activities that are taking place within them, you’ll surely be taking a path to success.

In this article, we will discuss about one famous social media platform that fueled the success of many online businesses – no other than Facebook.

-          Why Facebook
-          Personal Profile vs. Business Fan Page
-          Important Features of a Facebook Business Page

Why Facebook

Yes, there are other social networking sites but why Facebook? Talking about the advantages of using this king social media site, here are 3 F’s:

·         Free. Signing up to Facebook does not require you any registration fee. All you need to have is a valid email address. You will also be asked to provide some personal information for your page.

·         Famous. Surveys have showed that Facebook is currently the biggest social networking site. If it were a country, it could be the third largest in the world. With over 500 million subscribers, Facebook’s population is a competent market and sure you would not want to miss it out.

·         Flexible. With Facebook’s subjective advertising, you can tap your ads to be seen by age, gender, interest and even location. Thus, your product or service appears to particular demographic groups. How does it work? Facebook Ads pop up directly to the profile page of your prospects, giving you more possible sales.

Personal Profile vs. Business Fan Page

There is a big difference between a personal profile and a business page on Facebook. Building a Facebook business page is an indispensable marketing plan. You’ll be able to endorse your products and services easier than you think. You can also launch a targeted ad campaign right on your business page. However, there are some limitations in doing business with Facebook. 

With a business account, you cannot add friends – that’s the only serious setback so far. That is why a bona fide website to call your own can be a supplemental help.  Unlike in a personal profile page, you have to make sure that you provide contact information on your business page or else, your customers won’t have a way of getting in touch with you directly.

Important Features of a Facebook Business Page

Since Facebook went entrepreneurial, it has also been working hard to provide features that will answer the needs of business owners. These are features that give businessmen an amazing opportunity to promote and sell their products. These features include:


Cover photo – You’ll be surprised to discover that a cover photo on Facebook is the most underused free ads. Cover photos are an effective branding tool because they are static. Some big brands who have used it are Lysol, Chevrolet and McDonald’s.

ABOUT Section – This isn’t new, as most social networking sites have this section. In Facebook, the about section is located permanently right under the profile picture. This space allows people to quickly get some information about you. It should be simple, concise and must include details like contact numbers, contact person and business address.

Posts on the Wall – Wall posts allow business administrators to announce updates, latest products and new services. These posts are viewable by followers or fans. As soon as you post something on your business page, your prospects are notified immediately.

Where to Go From Here

Facebook gives you an opportunity to connect with prospects. If you use the available features and applications, you can get in touch with users who have probably told a couple of friends and relatives about your business. Facebook makes it easy for everybody to spread the buzzword and automatically make it viral.

If you have a Business in Birmingham and you haven’t succeeded yet, don’t give up hope. Now is the time to leverage the power of Social Media. Facebook is just one among many networking sites and you can absolutely start with it. You may have a gained a lot of knowledge about other marketing strategies but bear in mind, your knowledge becomes more powerful if you put them into action. Get in touch with an online marketing expert now.

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