A Great Online Advertising Agency Can Be the Answer to A Successful Birmingham Online Marketing Business

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Monday, March 11, 2013

Advertisement is everywhere. You can see them in magazines, newspapers, TV, and on the internet. Why are advertisers willing to pay Web sites for running ads? Simply because the ads work and bring in potential customers.

Advertising is an integral part of any marketing plan. And this is in fact one of the most common, tried and tested tools used by businessmen to market their products and services. Without advertising how would the buyers know about your products and services? How will they know what to purchase, where, and how could they have it?

Online Advertising in Birmingham

Nowadays almost everything revolves around the internet. It is of the utmost importance then to make use of it to reach the ever expanding population of internet users not just in Birmingham but all around the world.

Now, why should you care about all of this? What’s in it for you?

If you’re a business owner or you’re running your own website, you should care. Without a shade of doubt, if you want to get traffic to your site you must use online advertising, otherwise nobody knows your site even exists. Just because you have a fully developed website doesn’t mean it’s totally effective.

The Advantages of Online over Traditional Advertising Media (radio, TV, or print)

Compared to TV and print, online advertising brings tangible results at lower expenses. Because of its many advantages, it has gained more and more popularity among marketers and business owners.
·         Interactivity - Traditional advertising media do not offer the kind of interactivity that online advertising has. Buyers can comment, ask direct questions, or respond to an ad online.

·         Cost Effectiveness - Contextual ads, ad panels, and display banners are much cheaper. It can be bought at just a fraction of the cost of TV or print ads.

·         Targeted marketing The internet allows businesses through the help of advertising agencies to  reach a specific reader and target exactly their audience according to their areas of interest or location, making it easier for businesses to spread their marketing message and  find a receptive market for their products and services.

In case you will wonder how online advertising agencies in Birmingham works, this is how they do it: To find potential prospects, these agencies help in narrowing down the focus of the ad to those who needs your product. How? They have strategies like email, keyword, or banner advertising to bring appropriate customers at your portals. 

·         Unmatched Tracking Capabilities - Advertisers can track the response rates of their campaigns, who saw their ads, when, how many times, and so on.
These unique capabilities on online advertising must be taken advantage by all online marketers in Birmingham for a sure success in the industry.

What Are Some Ways to Advertise Online?

The growing competition in the world of online marketing gives rise to the need of cutting edge advertising ideas. Here are some of the most common ways of advertising online:

1. Promotional Advertising – This is used to attract the consumer’s interest to buy the product. This includes giving away flyers, freebies, discount coupons, and so on.

2. Web Advertising – These are used on websites to attract the buyer and clicks on it which takes them to the main website of that product.

3. Blog Advertising – Nowadays, blogs are becoming another popular tool to advertise their products and make money off of it.

4. Mobile Advertising – This provides opportunities for the fast growing mobile internet users to search products and watch videos anywhere and everywhere.

5. Pixel Advertising - This one of the newest and most popular advertising strategy. It’s a great way to attract and get visitors click the images on the ads.  

The Evolution of Web Banner Advertising  
The word “constant” has never been included in the online business vocabulary. Online advertising is constantly evolving as advertisers, publishers, and marketers continue to find new and innovative ways to make it beneficial not just for the users and consumers but for all the parties involved.

Before, there were only banner ads. But advertisers and publishers came to a point of realization that they were not as effective as full-page magazine ads or 30-second TV commercials.  Now, there are plenty of display ads marketers can use. These display ads are cheap, easy to create, and attention grabbing and are the best way to start advertising.

1. Sidebar or Skycraper Ads – It’s similar to banner ad but it’s vertically oriented. This is more effective than banner ads because they are much longer and larger.

2. Pop Up – This is the ad that ‘pops up’ in a new window when you visit a page. The new window displays the entire advertisement.  The user can click on the ad itself or click the close button to hide it.

3. Pop Under – It is similar to Pop Up Ads but they are placed below the content of the page. Both pop up and Pop under ads annoy many users because they obscures the view of the page that you are trying to read. They still have to close them to be able to continue reading.

4. Floating Ads – It is a kind of advertisement that hovers across the screen or "float" over the page, complete obscuring the content you are trying to read. Because they can take up the entire screen, they are impossible to ignore so you are forced to watch them. They may take 5-30 seconds long.

5. Unicast Ads - It is basically an animated TV commercial that runs in a pop-up window which can last anywhere from 10 to 30 seconds.

Have you chosen which kind of display ad works best for your site? Before working on it, you must also consider getting an online advertising agency.

Why do we need a Birmingham Online Advertising Agency?

Nowadays, Birmingham Online Marketers are now fully aware of how associating with an online advertisement agency can benefit them. In general, it provides cost effective marketing and advertising services for businesses and other organizations. Their services include creating traffic to your website, increase sales, providing tailor-made marketing solutions, account monitoring, forming business strategy, including coordinating display add designs.
With all these great benefits, needless to say, they can be all you need for a successful online marketing business. 

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