The Other Side of the Coin: What NOT to Do When Marketing Your Birmingham Business Online

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Monday, April 1, 2013

We’ve heard a lot of ways on how to effectively market one’s business online. In fact, the superfluity of information is flooding search engines today. This is simply because online marketing strategies are without question, juggernauts in the field of general marketing. And just as how easy people are taking a good grip of the entire process, it has also become easy to commit mistakes that are more often than not, come hardly noticeable. 

To market your Birmingham business online is one of the greatest decisions you’ll ever make in the general process of running your business. But as equally important as the DO’s, you need to fix a keener eye on the DON’Ts as well.  

From general mistakes to the more explicit social media mishandlings and even ethical concerns, the list that follows this exordium is an effort to get the most of your decision to market your Birmingham business online

General Mistakes 

  1. Less Dedication and Short Patience
Your online marketing efforts will be in vain if you only work on them in spurts. Sometimes, plans won’t work out the soonest you expect them to be. Trees don’t grow overnight. You have to give extra dedication to water them, feed them enough sunlight, and guard them from the boundary of its roots. With proper and constant attention, longer patience, and sticking to your original plans, you’d be reaping the fruits of such hard labor in no time. 

  1. No/Wrong Content Strategy
Ever heard of the statement “Content is King”? Well it still is reigning, and we cannot yet foresee it giving up its throne.
All satisfactory online marketing strategies rely much on content, but not just content alone. Good quality content is what keeps your business running on the cyber realm – from your business’ website to your social media snippets, every character of your post must be polished the nearest level to perfection.  

  1. No Careful Planning
Never go on impulse online marketing. Preparing a blueprint of your business marketing plans will strengthen the foundation of your business. Besides, planning will keep the process of marketing your business more organized, allowing you to backtrack every incremental growth or fall. 


  1. Choosing a Bad Name
Just as how one person identifies another person by name, branding your business is an essential part in building your reputation whether in the physical or the virtual world. So, what makes a brand/business name bad?

-  It’s hard to pronounce or even spell.
-  It can easily be forgotten.
-  You’d rather not say it because it’s way too embarrassing to even read it on your mind.

One site lists some of the worst domain names given to some websites you surely would not want to get inspiration from such as:

-  blackhatebook
-  effoff
-  holandshitfestival

  1. Underestimating Design
After enticing people to key in a URL with a good domain name, perhaps the first thing that people will notice is your website design. Nothing can turn them off more than a poorly designed one. Here are some design principles that you need to take well consideration of for creating an effective web design:

- Precedence – meaning, the overall design must lead the reader off an organized path
-  Navigation (take note that horizontal navigation is proven much effective than  vertical)
-  Spacing (line spacing, white space, padding)
-  Typography
-  Form follows function – functional designs and not just for aesthetic purposes
-  Alignment and grid
-  Clarity/sharpness of colors and edges
-  Compatibility (to a wider variety of devices/ operating systems)
-  Coherence of the elements (fonts, colors, etc.)

A clean, simple design is often the key to success. But there’s nothing wrong with thinking out of the box. Just make sure you got yourself a skillful web designer who knows what exactly is he or she is doing.

Social Media Mishandlings

  1. Excessive “Automated Posts”
While creating automated posts can save you a great deal of time, abusing it will lose the meaning of being “social”. 

  1. Poor and Too Personal Posts
There’s a thin line between you as a businessman and your business itself. Learn how to separate the two. Quit regularly posting about where you are right now or what you’re eating and focus more on how your business is doing (achievements, new products, etc.). Social media sites are never open diaries. Besides, no one likes someone who talks about himself most of the time. 

  1. Long Videos
Studies found out that shorter online videos have greater chances of keeping someone’s attention. Plus, a catchy intro and title will surely count.

  1. Concentrating on Facebook Alone
We all know Facebook is the largest and most popular social network. But if you want to widen the online coverage of your business in social media marketing, there are a lot more that can be explored such as Twitter, Stumbleupon, Linkedin, and the one who’s creating the latest buzz, Pinterest.

Ethical Concerns

  1. Anonymity
People will easily get discouraged if there are certain concerns that cannot be addressed right away. The easiest solution would be putting up a FAQ section or listing contact information (preferably email address) that actually works and which is updated regularly. 

  1. Racial Issues/ Offending Others
Be considerate enough to gender and race. You don’t want to be the next trending, big news on the Internet who’s accused for creating products which are perceived as patronizing.

  1. Plagiarism
Be it pure content or logos or concepts, plagiarism is a big no-no especially when you’re trying to build up your business name. There’s no meticulous thesis referencing guidelines needed to cite the original owners. You just need to post the links and authors to be able to sleep with more ease.

  1. Spamming
Spamming is an act purely unethical. You might get phenomenal results at first, but in the end you will compromise the trust of ySour (prospective) clients and might even have the possibility to get banned.

Common SEO Mistakes 
  1. Not Utilizing Keywords
Keywords are language. They are integral part of the picture in increasing your page ranking. Not utilizing them will be a big loss to building your business website’s reputation.

  1. Ignoring offsite content strategy
Link building campaign is essential for driving success to your online marketing endeavors. When your website has quality offsite back links, search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. will reward this effort with higher page rankings for your website.

Misleading Email

People nowadays don’t trust emails as easily. Create something that’s worth reading instead of those spammy, doubtful e-messages.

The process of marketing your Business in Birmingham Online can be a minefield. One wrong step and all your efforts will be laid down in vain and futility. Acquaint yourself with the balanced knowledge of the don’ts and do’s of online marketing in order to get the most of your marketing you business in Birmingham.

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