The Innovation of Videos: Transforming the Online Marketing Industry in Birmingham

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Thursday, April 18, 2013

Videos for online marketing campaign success? We might think that the fast-paced technological advances of the human race couldn’t get any better but once again it has proven us wrong. 2013 is yet another year of innovations and revolutionary ways that involve the ever-present necessities of electronics. Speaking of which, the World Wide Web is never late when it comes to presenting something new. So if you’re thinking online marketing is outdated, you might want to scratch that thought and cultivate a new techie/marketer mindset. 

Videos are still the most effective marketing campaigns up to this day – it just discovered a new type of media. And with its continuous success, commercial and industrial cities such as Birmingham understand and exploit its advantages.

The Dawn of the YouTube Era

YouTube is the number one video streaming website in the world and take note that it’s owned by no other than Google. Starting from its foundation in 2005, it now has the largest video sharing platform with approximately 450,000,000 unique visitors each month. Its popularity alone simply means that YouTube may be a very effective tool to promote your company or business’ campaign.

Setting up a YouTube account is as simple as ABC. The real challenge here is how you present your business’ promotional video as truth be told, there really is just a lot of ways. You just have to know what suits you best. But before we jump to that part, let’s start with the basics first…

How will Creating Videos for your Campaign Help You?

1. It Builds an Online Customer Relationship

A competitive business owner is well aware that customer relationship builds strength in just about any business endeavour. Getting your message to your customers and potential clients is something not to be taken for granted. Having video content in your website and YouTube account somehow creates a means of interaction in this virtual aeon. Posting a video online now gives your audience the privilege to access your business’ vital information without the barriers of geographical location and time difference.

2. It Strengthens the Brand’s Credibility

Videos provide room for three dimensional moving images that seem to attract more attention compared to plain text or images. In just a span of 30 seconds to a minute, you’d be able to convey a clear message that people could easily grasp on as visual images tend to stick to one’s memory longer.
Having a video improves the brand’s credibility because it has a higher potential of containing different marketing perspectives in a more direct manner. As an example, you can market yourself – seeing a credible person in a video creates a certain level of trust from the viewers. Better yet, hire someone famous and appropriate to endorse what you’re selling.

3. It’s a Cheaper Alternative

Setting up an account on YouTube will not cost you a cent. Plus, even a fifth grader who has an online connection can navigate its interface without any difficulty. Compared to spending tons of money on TV commercials and even print ads, the only thing you’d be spending here is your time.

Although you might want to take it up a notch by hiring a production team to cook up an enticing video campaign, most of the time you can do it by yourself. If you have a camera that is of good quality, you can upload informative videos or even create mini webinars. Just think out of the box, you’d realize there’s a bunch of ways that doesn’t even have to burden your expenses.

4. It has a Wider Coverage Area

Expert online marketers in Birmingham are paid for their knowledge on how the internet works especially for those who want to earn while using its features. When it comes to promoting your video campaign, your list of resources is no other than the social media websites.

As we all know, social media websites take over the internet world today. Facebook alone has millions of subscribers all over the world. Not guaranteeing that you’d be able to get as much as the users of Facebook but given the odds, using social media as a resource still is the best way to go. Once you upload your video, you will have a URL – that my friend, is your ticket to more viewers. Share it to your local networks or Facebook and Twitter page (which you need to have for your business) for a better accessibility to your targeted audience. If it gets better, you’d be able to have online friends or subscribers that would share your video on their own.

5. It Improves Search Engine Visibility

Videos, as a means of promoting your business, also have the capability of driving traffic to your site.  Notice that when you type a certain query on a search engine, YouTube video URLs appear in the results too. The fact that Google owns YouTube gives you an advantage on ranking higher.

Given with the right sets of keywords to utilize in your title and meta data, your information would be able to tap Google and other search engines’ algorithm thus, gets you indexed properly.

There may be bookworms and people who hold a keen eye for photography but whatever interest someone has, watching videos seems to capture the eyes and hearts of many. Content is king and a picture is worth a thousand words but a video can do more than that. As what Dr. James McQuivet of Forrester Research mentioned, 'the value of a one-minute video is 1.8 million words'. When tackling the meticulous process of online marketing for a business in Birmingham, it wouldn’t hurt to utilize the features of video productions and campaigns.

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