How Social Media Sites Like Twitter and Facebook Changed the Marketing Trend of Businesses in Birmingham

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gone are the days where small businesses hide in the shadows of huge corporations because they cannot afford to advertise their products or services. Old style advertising in TV and print surely cost tons but then the internet changed everything. Now there is what we like to call social media sites. More than saving money, these sites are well known among online business experts as an effective media in generating leads, improving exposure and increasing sales.

Turn Retweets and Likes into Actual Customers

Facebook and Twitter has long proven that it’s not just for personal use. It’s dynamic interface and features gave humans a means of getting heard through expressing themselves. So instead of wasting your time on posting mundane stuff such as buying a pair of shoes or eating a hamburger, utilize these substantial social media networks to your advantage.

As two of the most popular social media sites, think of how great an asset they can be for your business. Facebook has over 250 million viewers a day and Twitter is no slouch in terms of its users. This simply gives you a better chance of finding your targeted customers. Take note though that social media’s primary aim is to improve your branding and not your sales primarily. However, think of it as your stepping stone for if your branding is no good, how will you ever convince your potential customers?

So if you’re aiming to promote your services simultaneously without having to spend a massive amount of money, you have to do it professionally. Sure, you can set up your own Facebook, Twitter or whatever social media network you prefer. But a business social media page is more than the tweets, images and posts you make. For an expert marketing flair, Birmingham does have a fair share of social media services that are equipped in making an online name for its clients. These services give you the privilege of:
  •     Getting Likes (Leads) in Facebook
  •     Increasing Your Followers (Potential Customers) on Twitter
  •     Utilizing the Best Social Media Sites Appropriate for Your Business

Increasing Your Business’ Facebook Popularity

Setting up a Facebook is simple. Getting people to like your page is another story.
Facebook has created a staple mindset when it comes to the word “like” and today, we all know that more likes mean more influence. It really is genius how Facebook turned advertising in a not so annoying way as getting people to like your page gives them the power to choose whether to do it or not. This way, you’d know firsthand what your likers are looking for.

Here are several strategies on how to attract attention and get people to click the LIKE button on your Facebook page.

  1. INVITE – For starters, you can invite as many people as you want. Once your community grows, this may open doors for your targeted followers. To get to the page, click on the settings tab on upper right corner on your screen. On the Use Facebook As option, click on your page. From there, you will see your page’s navigation interface. To invite people, you can either invite your friends or invite email contacts through the Build an Audience tab.
  2. ENGAGE - It is called ‘social’ media for a reason. Post anything that promotes your business and share relevant information. This way, you can announce, introduce, feature or teach something – a helpful and effective act that gains trust from your Facebook likers. 
  3. INFORM – the internet is the fastest source to get information. So as a business that wants to convince potential customers, be the source – information and product or service alike. Hiring a content writer on the side gives you the advantage of increasing customer trust.
  4. PROMOTE – the very reason of a Facebook page, this is where you sell. Attract more attention by introducing different gimmicks where likers are allowed to interact and in the end, catch a great deal. Advertising may be annoying especially if it’s unauthorized and hard sell. With a page, you’re authorized and of course, your page alone promotes subtly yet efficiently.

Get People to Follow You on Twitter

Though a social media site as well, Twitter is a whole lot different from the others. It’s not as dynamic as Facebook, your posts are limited to only 140 characters but it’s faster and has a wider coverage in terms of posting and sharing a.k.a. retweeting. Social media services in Birmingham encourage businesses to have a Twitter account because of its mobility. Plus, even though you’re limited with your words, there is no such thing as over tweeting – so you can promote your stuff all you want (as long as it’s not hard sell and forced, that is). So to begin with, bare these basic tips in mind.

  1. WRITE GOOD STUFF – presenting interesting reads, videos or images that people like attracts followers. One of Twitter’s best features is the retweet button. Link something out, utilize the retweet button and see how this social media site work wonders in terms of spreading the “news”.
  2. FOLLOW OTHERS – Being followed by someone can be annoying but never on Twitter. One way of being followed is to follow others. Look for influential people that share the same interest as the company, especially those who has a lot of followers and follow them. Their followers may be interested in your business and become your loyal customers, too. However, as a twitter rule: Do not follow 1000 people a day – having too much people you’re following and too little followers makes your account seem as if it’s spam.
  3. INTERACT WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS ¬– Social media marketing is not just about collecting followers. What’s most important is you interact with them; keep them connected to your brand. You need them to share or retweet your tweets and content with their followers. You want them to give honest feedback of your brand and services. That is why you need to follow the right followers. Those who are interested in your brand are the ones who will most likely retweet your content, and respond to you. 
  4. SHARE OTHER’S CONTENT – the saying “Scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” also apply to social media marketing. Share some of the content of your Twitter friends. Somehow this enables you to establish connections and hopefully, they will return the favor. 
  5. KEEP THE CONNECTION – when your followers comment or ask questions, don’t leave them hanging, waiting for nothing. Respond to them as soon as possible. When they retweet on your tweets, never fail to thank them. When they mention you or your business, communicate with them. You can also send them a direct message.

Taking Advantage of Social Media Sites

You might have come across information saying that using the internet as the new-age media for advertising isn’t as effective as the standard ones. Well, truth be told, that only happens when you do not know how to utilize its features.

As example, joining on social media sites is for free. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, there’s Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. The more appropriate social networking sites you join in, the more chances of building solid online networks. But as the business owner, managing this aspect might be a burden to your original tasks and instead of focusing on your business’ overall performance, your time is divided and cluttered into another dimension. Hire a Social Media Expert in Birmingham that’s able to set up efficiently and bring results. Who knows? You might be Facebook’s next big thing in your area or Twitter might trend your business in time.

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