Website Design Birmingham: Types and Styles Effective For Businesses

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Thursday, April 11, 2013

The web is one beautiful medium for the out-of-the-box thinker. Its charm and flexibility completely makes it a fantastic thing of free flowing information. And web designers did not hold their creativity back. Instead, they allowed every potential to be unleashed. They believe in the line “Knowledge is power”. In this case, knowledge of the web empowers their creative minds to make great designs and in due course provide value to their clients.

As a businessman, sure you’d want to be satisfied by the performance of your web designer. This way, you are also assured that your website does not only look good, but it also meets its purpose. On the other hand, if you’re a businessman who hasn’t thought of getting your own website yet, here are some concepts you may want to check.
  • Type of Web Design
  • Determining Your Website

Types of Web Design

You need to be familiar with the different types of web designs and your objective here is to make your website relate to your company, products or services. If the web design is poor, there is a good chance of customers not liking your page. So here are some types of web designs:

  1. Responsive design – With this type of design, the goal is to have a website that will adapt to users’ device. Remember, PC’s are not the only device that can access the web today. There has been the rise of smart phones, tablets, and other Internet –ready gadgets. You have to make sure that your website is accessible regardless the kind of device your customer is using.
  2. Typographic design – People read. So, the next important goal in having your website is to make it READABLE. Readers should find, understand, and connect with the words posted on your page. If they find helpful information, nothing else will hold them back from buying your products or services.
  3. Graphic Design - The "look and feel" of the web site is another important aspect of your web site. It makes the settings of your page enjoyable and more importantly, it drives advertising. To stand out from your competitors, the graphic design your website must be exceptional. Indeed, it is an investment in the success of your business.

Determining Your Website

One thing that needs to be considered is also the type of website you are in need of. Let’s look at some considerations about planning a website and its impact. This is a listing of possibilities but should get you thinking about the ranges of things to consider.

  1. E-commerce Sites - These are the most complex types of sites to work on. The moving parts of these types include credit-card processing and email systems. On these types of projects, you will benefit from a close relationship with a developer who can handle a lot of the technical work.
  2. Brochure Sites – The standard brochure site is the simplest of sites. It works as an online business card, giving visitors with information about your business like contact details, address, information on products and services.
  3. Content Managed Sites – These types of website offer content. Upon getting this type, you don’t have to be an expert – simply a good basic knowledge of word processing and file management will be required. Often times, it will be an advantage if you know about image editing too – but if not, a good designer can certainly help you.
  4. Informational Sites – From the name itself, these are sites that provide up to date information. The goal in creating this kind of site is to get your information to the public and not actually sell a product online. Once your business has expanded, you can then add a part to your site letting the customer purchase the product – eventually making it an E-commerce site.

The Bottom Line

A good web design must allow you to connect with potential buyers. It must relay your message, products or services effectively. Bear in mind that your website gives you identity on the Web. Let Birmingham web designers unleash their skills and help you maintain a good online presence.

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The website must be user-friendly and everyone must be able to access it in different browsers. It can be very useful in marketing so I think it is best to seek some advice from an expert like a Web Design company that can help you get the attention of people who might be interested with your services or products.

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