Blogging for SEO: How to Write Blogs That Help Increase Your Birmingham Business Online Visibility

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blogging as a marketing strategy has been around for years. But just like SEO, blogging strategies constantly change from time to time. The inevitable alterations are simply the explanation why you find your blog optimization change its ranking regularly. And if you’re unaware, this may risk your place on search engines in the long run.

Apart from not monitoring the search engine algorithm alterations, another reason is bad blogging habits. And this by far, is what bloggers continuously do. To help you avoid these common mistakes again, here is a list of the most common blogging habits that can kill your search engine rankings. Of course, you’d get hold of how to break them as well.

Being Company or Product -centric

Blogging or posting any information about your company on social media and blogging sites is not a crime. However, when you talk and boast a lot about how awesome your company is week after week, you will lose your credibility. Readers will see you as promoting your company and not someone who can help them provide information about the things they need. As a result, they will not return to check out your blogs.

What to do: Your content should focus on useful and relevant information that people care about such as providing tips and guidelines to business owners, employees, consumers, etc. Still, the best way for a company/brand to be boasted about is through word of mouth from the public and not from you (e.g.: testimonials and feedbacks).

Inconsistent Posting

If you are serious about your business, keep your blog updated all the time by posting uniqe blogs frequently. Post anything that relates to your products or services. Share videos. Announce upcoming events. Think out of the box to come up with more content. Once a week posting is fine but making it twice is a lot better. Your constant updates simply show that you still exist in the online world and the people can more likely rely on you to cater them right away if ever they need something.

What to do: Write as many blogs as you can for you to be prepared when the need comes. You can even hire bloggers to do the job for you. If you are from Birmingham, there are web development agencies that offer a wide range of services - from web design to SEO services to blogging.

Lacking of Customer Engagement

Communication is one of the most important aspects of a business. A good communication relationship between managers and employees, or business owners and consumers is what keeps any business up and running.

What’s the best thing about a blog is that you can communicate and interact with your readers through comments and exchanging contact information. Take advantage of this opportunity to get to know the mind of your readers and what they want or need. And don’t forget to appreciate them for sharing their thoughts  and honest opinions.

What to do:  Think about your community and make it easy for your readers to leave comments.

Using Bad SEO Techniques

Blogging is one way to drive traffic and increase search engine rankings. Developing SEO strategy is great, however there are those that make poor content. One example is through filling the blog with as many keywords and phrases which make the content to SEO-focused and loses its credibility.

What to do: Don’t hire SEO companies that are incapable of dealing with search engine tactics. If you do SEO yourself, identify top keywords relevant to your business and incorporate them in your blog – every now and then. Don’t forget to make it interesting for your readers.

Long posts


Readers only have a limited attention span, they don’t stay long. While it is good to have longer posts and great content, the best way to grab the reader’s attention is through putting images and illustrations. Photos and images are visually attractive and engaging and they can convey a concept or an idea to your customers. Just make sure that you got it from sources that allow you to get their photos or better yet, the images must belong to you.

What to do: Break longer posts by using images that are pleasing, attractive, and relevant to your posts. Don’t forget to use images with creative commons licensing unless you have the right to use any photo you can find on the net.

Bloggers for Hire! ( Where to Find Bloggers in Birmingham)

Let’s say you have launched your blog and you are not sure what will happen next. Don’t worry, in case you need bloggers or writers for your company website, you can look for blog writing services company in your area. If you’re from Birmingham, most SEO service providers in the city also offer writing services that can help your business pull in inbound traffic.

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