SEO On-Page Optimization Musts that You Should Consider

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Friday, October 5, 2012

The SEO industry promotes the use of on-page optimization.  This is to make sure that your website pages are being optimized properly in order for search engines to know what your pages are all about. It's highly important for your pages to be crawled by search engines and figure out what it's about based on your keywords. Below are some SEO on-page optimization tips that you consider. It will also assist you on how to create human-friendly web pages which are easily understood by most popular search engines especially Google.

Insert Keywords in the Title Tag

At the top of your document within the head tags, the title tag can be found. One effective tactic on keyword integration is by inserting the keywords in your title tag. This is more susceptible to targeted traffic. Also, the text within the title tag is what shows up on search engine results pages.

Use the Same Keyword/s as Anchor Text to Link to Other Pages on Your Site

If your site has many pages, use the same keyword/s in the title tag as anchor text to link to other pages on your site. Linking is another aspect of SEO that cannot be neglected.

Include the Same Keywords in the Title Tag in the Body of the Page

Keywords must be used wisely and also must be found within the body of the page. It would also be an advantage if you put the same keywords in your h1 tag. It will tell the internet users who click on your page from the search results that your website is what they are searching for. Strategically play your keyword/s on your body preferably at the top part or in the sub-headings. Try other ways that may help you emphasize it further.

Use Unique Title Tag for Your Web Pages

If you use the same exact title tags for your web pages, search engine robots might determine it and as a result, your pages might not get indexed.

Do Not Spam Your Meta Description and Keywords Tags

Although Meta description and keyword tags still play a very important role in SEO, they are not as important today as they once were. Thus, do not spam your Meta description or keyword tags by stuffing meaningless or too much keyword.

Use Alt Tags for Your Images

Alt tags are a must when you have an image in your content. Indexed images have more capability of being found online. This is also a huge advantage for visitors who use text-only web browsers.

Submit Your Site to Search Engines Manually

Manually submit your websites to search engines. There are risks whenever you use submission software or a third-party service when submitting your website.

To improve your website ranking on search engines, you have to make it search engine-friendly first. This is the reason why SEO on-page optimisation must be done correctly. Though SEO might not involve highly advanced technical skills, it still is a meticulous process especially for those who aren't familiar with how it truly works.  To know more about how SEO is done, try the services of SEO Birmingham. Having an advanced and modern SEO method, every client is sure to experience positive outcomes.

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