4 Latest Google Updates That Will Definitely Change Your SEO Strategy

Posted by Tarjinder Kailey on Monday, October 15, 2012

SEO Just Got a Major Lift with Google’s 4 Latest Updates

The online marketing field will not be where it is today without the help of Search Engine Optimisation. Search engines predominantly Google are the main source of traffic for most websites and SEO help you understand its system better.

The world’s number one search engine doesn’t need too much introduction. Google's setup has given better grounds for doing SEO on a website. The massive search engine’s precise algorithm gave way for a more efficient website optimisation where private websites can increase their rankings depending on the success of their process. However, Google’s highly skilled mathematicians and engineers are very much aware of the unconstructive processes of SEO. To be aware of what you need to look out for in Google, here are four of its latest SEO related updates:


Google Panda is an update that has altered the process of SEO immensely.  Its main objective was rather simple and cut out. Panda aims to lower the rank of poorly setup and low quality websites and give credit to the legit sites. If you don't want Google Panda to notice your website, be sure that it looks great appearance and performance-wise.  For a website that looks professional, it's best to hire the professional services of a graphic designer or a web developer.  Furthermore, keep an eye on your SEO methods as well since the update is aware of any suspicious linking processes. With this in the picture, this search engine problem has been improved by 12%.


Google Penguin is another term for its official name Google algorithm and was updated to detect websites that do not follow the search engine's Webmaster Guidelines. It was first released on April 2012 and is continuously updating up until now. The guidelines were mainly focusing on the process of black-hat SEO, a rampant occurrence in the internet world nowadays. This includes no keyword stuffing, cloaking, participating in link schemes, deliberate creation of duplicate content etc. Google Penguin has affected approximately 3.1% sites in English and a greater number in “highly spammed” languages.


Also known as Exact-match Domains, this is well-known strategy in SEO and has already been used for quite a long time now. But due to the never-ending alterations of Google's algorithms and updates, tackling EMD again may be relevant. Exact-match domains are usually brought up if you’re setting up a new website. This is the part where you decide if your domain name should be made up of your keywords or your own random choice of words. For instance, you do have to strategize as your domain is your primary branding campaign. Furthermore, you should also be able to optimise it effectively.

Copyright Infringement Penalty

In a portal that holds everything in the world, the internet is not safe against copyright infringement. To alleviate matters, Google came up with Pirate Update, a way to detect websites with leery content and methods and take it down from their listings forever. Anyone can file for copyright infringement accusations and rights and Google will acknowledge it. Websites that have been warned for a number of times can be banned in Google immediately.

SEO may be a procedure that's easy to understand but it takes more than just doing the procedure by the book. It takes one who is able to operate efficiently amidst the internet's constant changes and updates.   For a more effective SEO, hire SEO Birmingham’s professional services.

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